Good news Ireland... Free Postcode Lottery is coming ashore!

The UK's most popular free daily lottery will be launching in Ireland this Spring. Entry is FREE (always) and we will be giving away cash prizes every day. Just enter your email below now and you'll be entered into every draw from the very beginning.

Since it's launch in April 2011 the UK version of the site has given away over £30,000. All for free, and paid for by advertisers. Your email address is kept safe and we NEVER pass it on or send unsolicited emails.

Recent UK Press

“The postcode lottery where everyone's a winner” – The Times, 29th Aug 2014
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“Londoner launches his own online lottery that makes people happy… and £50 richer” – Evening Standard, 28th Aug 2014
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“A neat idea. We can't see what the catch is” – The Sun. 19th Aug 2014
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“Our favourite recent discovery is Free Postcode Lottery” – Webuser Magazine. Issue 342, page 48
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“Chris Holbrook, founder of a British business called The Free Postcode Lottery, has found his own way of conjuring value from thin air” –
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“If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. However, in this case everything appears to be above board, with plenty of testimonials in reputable places” – Logo

Free Postcode Lottery in the UK Media

BBC Radio interviews with Free Postcode Lottery creator Chris Holbrook:


What is Free Postcode Lottery?

Free Postcode Lottery is a free daily online lottery where your postcode is your ticket. Register once and you are entered, for free, into each daily draw.

How are we giving money away for free

The money we give away is recouped by revenue from the adverts that appear on the website. It's a bit like a free newspaper, or a commerical TV/Radio station.

What's the catch?

There are no costs or hidden tricks but you do have to remember to check the daily winning postcode as often as you can so that you don't miss a win. Missied wins rollover into the next day's draw.

Will I get spammed?

Absolutely not. Our money comes from traffic on the website which is driven by people checking the daily result. Apart from the optional daily reminder, we DO NOT send anything else. We don't pass on any details to 3rd parties. In fact, we only bother to collect your postcode and email address because that's all we need to run the website.

Find out more information on the FAQ page and Rules page of the UK site.

If you would like to get in touch please contact us here.